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Published May 19, 21
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Discuss procedures, expectations, costs, and other important information in downloadable content for lead generation campaigns. Update your site to have your contact information at the top of every page. See the proof amazing content makes the difference. We helped increase Speakt’s online visibility by 500% and doubled ROI. The basis of content marketing is using the information to build a relationship with new patients.

If you are struggling to get started building content, then you can begin by noting the questions your patients often ask when they visit you. Once you have a list of items, you can organize and build out content to rank in search engines and drive new patients to schedule an appointment with you! At its core, your dental marketing strategy should focus on the needs of your customers and building a relationship with new patients.

Social media marketing is a powerful approach to advertising even for a small practice. You can post before and after pictures, happy patients, and information about your training so interested patients can research you before they book an appointment. Social networks offer paid advertising options, and you can use Facebook ads for marketing to both prospects for new patients in your area and remarket to people who visited your site.

Another great way to drive more engagement on social media is to host a contest on Facebook where the winner will receive a free consultation with your office or other rewards. Social media can be a tough channel to master, especially for a professional industry like dental offices. However, you can use some general types of content to build a content calendar and fill your social media networks, like: .

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You will find that inspirational quote posts do well with most audiences, and you can cater your quote posts around your target audience. Similar to the previous type of content, you can use thought-provoking quotes to engage your audience. You can ask questions like “what’s your favorite movie” and “what is your favorite type of toothpaste” if you want to keep the message on dental hygiene.

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Typically, these posts will have open-ended questions and your audience will provide their answers to your questions. You can use graphics along with tips to provide your audience with valuable tips for brushing and dental hygiene. You can also cater to these posts to meet your customers- like information about braces, diagnosing pain, etc.

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This is a great way to diversify your posting schedule. One example of this is around Halloween you can create a series of posts that give helpful information to parents on ways they can keep their children’s teeth strong even when they are eating lots of candy. Everyone loves looking at compelling data that is displayed in an interesting way.

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Similar to the previous type of posts, visually compelling stat posts are a great way to show interesting information in an unusual way. You can use this type of content to address concerns around dental hygiene and compel your audience to take action to improve their health and visit your office.

Topics like caring for braces, flossing, and even denture care can be a great source of content for videos that your audience will find interesting and even share with their loved ones. Along with Organic Social Media, your dental office can also use paid social advertising to reach a targeted audience.

Some of the best ways to reach qualified leads are to target geographic areas near your dental office with relevant advertising through social media marketing. Social media is one of the major marketing avenues that businesses all over the world are taking to be able to improve their image and appeal to customers.

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There are many marketing campaigns that your practice can run to attract new clients in your geographic area. These dental marketing ideas are relatively easy to implement and do not require a substantial upfront investment. One thing to keep in mind though is that while these dental marketing strategies don’t seem too tricky, it can be complicated to implement the step-by-step details needed to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Be sure to use these proven dental marketing tricks to build your practice and grow your client base today! Dental marketing is a hyper-local approach to online marketing. Since you need to acquire new patients near your office, you need to implement local SEO, local PPC marketing, and social media strategies.

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